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From Past To Present About Teymur Textile

From Past To Present About Teymur Textile

Teymur Textile ;

  • In 1993, Teymur Textile started, with its policy of quality products with customer satisfaction, Open End Yarn production activities. Today, our company continues to produce with monthly 900,000 kg of cotton and polyester blend yarn polyester cotton varieties.
  • In 2011, with knowledge of the textile sector, Teymur Textile has started production of "spunbond nonwoven fabric"
  • Spunbond nonwoven production capacity doubled in 2014, our company took its place among the region's strongest companies. Today, we can serve our customers with very different production types and facilities such as coating, bonding and transmission.

As Teymur Group, with consciousness of responsibility towards nature outside Textile industry, we;

  • In 2000, have started "Organic Cherry" production in the agricultural sector. Today, besides cherry; walnut, olive, peanut production are also available.
  • In 2009, have started by setting up Hydro Power Generation Plant in the energy sector. Today it has reached an annual production of 9.5 MW of power. There is also our investments in solar and wind energy.
  • made an investment of 6500 m2 open area parking business
  • In 2013, by opening 5 star Teymur Continental Hotel and Convention Center in Gaziantep have opened access to the hospitality industry.