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Quality Policie

Teymur Textile Quality Policie

Working with team spirit, providing the highest quality service in line with the expectations of our customers and keeping our customer satisfaction in the forefront and becoming the Leader and Leading Textile Company in our region and the country, Teymur Textile adopts these principles in line with these objectives: to find the most effective and creative solutions to these expectations and requirements by detecting the expectations and needs very well; to implement the most appropriate projects; to serve to improving and developing the social living standards; to fulfill the requirements of the era and the industry with our administrators, our technical and administrative staff; to produce high-tech society products that are in accordance with the values of society; by gathering advanced technology, the right solution partners, quality material usage together with our rigorous manufacturing and R & D activities, to add new ones to all our existing advanced technological products with the data we obtained; to enable the integration of these data in the development of our products; to take into account customers' needs and expectations in order to ensure continuous customer satisfaction; to achieve the product delivery in due time; also in the production of the Nano Textile and Nonwovens products, to pioneer the development of relevant standards and to advance with this objective.